Nest of a Birds Body



Still amidst birds singing under an overcast scalloped cover . Indulge a passion to rest my body upon this soft earth – till the bothers from a human nest I dared let be built inside my mind fade . To rest and sink into an emerald softness beside my breath – while minds eye rolls into the colourfull darkness inky dream . Sensing earth moving a midst above – penetrating blue sky slowly pulling apart by winds -sending a warm chill lifting away. Away into another reality inside spraying in an exhale a colour of breath through your hand printing upon a cave or the first fire seen when flames took on the shapes of earthly anima. I shall wait in the rhythm of a breeze – pulling each thought – like a bird holding a twig between reality . Then fly away once more with each thought and place that stick under the canopy of an ancient oak as a gift , while yellowing leaves shimmer like sulphur butterflies in the days shadow . Oh to shed these thoughts planted by others – from your heart eternal open your nest becomes once again , the shape of a birds body .

3 – 14 – 2013



Your senses unraveled from human time, quenching sunrise. Far stars colouring what remains of this night. Seems this scent of yesterday, this voice of stillness, this wondering, this lucidity whetting this changing your body this between always between.
Imagining a world with one moon. A very becoming stand upon grasses moist, changes moisten your stroll, waiting evaporates within always within. Senses unravel human time. Tallish grassy field aspire, an animated spin ever slowly with breeze honing a warming of still sky. Moist fruit of dew ripens finding gravity evaporating to the last twinkling of stars.
Night pulls apart ever so slowly to sleep in a coming day. Birds voice glistened from an evening under the stars lift a dream to their pastel sky. Listen to your unraveling into another human time, listen to your heart beat, seems the night brought the voice of stillness to this place. Always under a phase of the moon, while earth awaits your memory, changing this body you release your music.

5 – 14 – 14

Pools of Light

It’s dark outside and the stars are on the other side. Memory like dream prints on a wet sandy beach. Silent waves spill wet shadow pulling back into the ocean of memory. I know there are stars, galaxies shared by explorers. A haven, set an eye upon the telescope reflecting a distant memory. Light never sleeps it becomes settled in dreams illuminating with images mirrored. It is dark outside and there are stars on the other side. Dormant Crisp evening, past chorus of anima once instilled a voice to evening stars . My eye lids fall heavily into this capsule of night and breath in a cold front sailing the sky, spiraling from the top of this earth. My exhale takes my thoughts momentum of colours brushing. Light never dissipates it settles in dreams mirroring memory like stars on the other side of tonight, knowing there and galaxies like cosmic leaves riding a stream. As we are in between breaths held. There are stars on the other side. There are dreams made in the soul. Then there are nights when the blanket of night hushes the chorus, leaving self with memories .

11 – 24 – 13

Shall we abandon Myths

What will the morning be like, when daylight infuses away night. Here under countless stars, some a certain colour like rubies, others glow as stencils of amber, always a disk of silver stars that create some memory that ancients connected, each point into a hero or heroine found scribed upon a flattened surface.

Shall we abandon myths and legends and redraw the stars. Before daylight infuses this night away, dare we raise our minds with each heartbeat gazing into what always will be. You feel this earth moving, is it the stars washing tides through this far away mind.
What will night tides bring into one that settles into a restful dream. Your held with reflection upon this still lake of being. Light even paints in this darkness kaleidoscopic turnings. Sweet upon the nakedness of soul .


6 – 2 – 2013

Under the Stars


If you want to lose your journey of the day
those moments adrift, shed under the stars
There high up a red star pulls you back
surrounded by countless shimmering constellations
When you lose your mind
given away to the night sky
this tidal sky ocean takes a breath then another
Crescent moon will find horizon slowly decorating infinity
if you need to lose your journey of the day
Listen this pitch dark beckons
lose your mind within the umber song of frogs
Unbuttoning the day of dissipated human drone
lose your mind within the umber song of frogs
Take this cool night of stars
undress and slip into this pool of night
Into the frogs abandoned chorus
these moments adrift in the sea of night
Mine the mind and jewels you will find
here you lose your heart
Into this rhythmical pitch of night
Under the stars, lose your mind

6 – 3 – 14

Elysium sky



               Sweet to your lips , the nectar of the stars for we are in our bodies because of earthy souls that gaze into a reflective pool higher than the veil of day to pierce to the stars, till evening rest upon our weary bones and we take these stars as sweet nectar filling in what modern distraction has eroded away.

               Every moment beneath a sheltering tree, swaying count of a breeze that comes from a faraway canopy. A stream has a beginning branching forth roiling under aquamarine skies. Eyes close to an inward gusty sense once forgotten, while the face side of dream cools. As right as the tepid breeze touches the other side of knowing .

              Share a clue to the scent of longing like a sky without a moon for awhile, shows itself with the turning of earth.
Moth come fly in my light. Your wings pulse with the shimmering stars.
Pick a reflection of a star from your wings and place it inside your thought then sip the nectar of my love.


   9 – 4 – 13

Repetition is best kept for the Solar System – 2


Walk as if you always know where the moon is . Refresh in your dream the phases, memory a few day ago , moon showed a curve a slice of earths horizon . Waiting , always in the city where concrete pavement is hotter, a footprint of lonely activity below the sky. Caught in visual thought , that blue orchid sky had a quarter moon , pale shell held in my eyes reminding like a cocoon suspended . Waiting for change . once in awhile another will ask me , but not today . Night brings the time of suns yesterdays , always round and crimson around this twilight glow , moon catches up but now she slows from her eternal path . Infinity is a dream playing in awareness like light taken away from the earths pull turning into evening . Now this moon sure looks full , earlier the sun was four fingers from the horizon setting as moon was just a palms height above the east horizon . No need for a booklet . She will let me feel her fullness when she comes up , as the sun goes down into this horizon . Memory of a blue sky lingers replaced by a milky sky ,stars can rest away the vastness , remains a planet or two like a jewel placed on the edge away from the crowd . Hungry sparrows and molting red birds vie in space for a saucer of seeds . Repetition is a circle best kept for the solar system . Talk as words spoken inside your mind . Hold a moon of this evenings balance. This gaze will always be a companion even when goddess is on the other side of earth .

8 – 19 – 2013



Remains Between Moon and Venus


Quietly oh so quiet this earth turns – a slow evening unfolds her anima – cool winds awaken from moons coming – a blush internal – arousing cheek warm from Venus eternal shine – sky pearl of a star forever changing – suspended just a hand away – in a sky whilst turning waiting constellations awaken beyond this sol system . moon adorned by the sun – tailored by the curve of earth . Venus adorned by the sun and adored by the awoken . while here on earth – dusk of many scents loft this surround of earthly delights – kindred is a lifetime between a rising full moon while Venus holds the hand of night – slowly the day falls asleep awaking night – so stars can play around polaris . this will – this circle will always be . your taken by tonight – standing between Venus and the Moon – kindly a memory unfolds eternal – while an internal breath whispers a sentient earth . Quietly this earth turns unfolding what will always remain .

6 – 23 – 2013



Hold me with your hands, for there these wings will colour your eyes, silkily they will brush your cheeks, reflecting upon your emerald eyes. Hold me while my legs lift and set upon the garden of you. Aura sweet nectar bathes such a butterfly waiting your glow. Flowering inside I shall transcend through your eyes landing softly upon your soul. can you feel these wings colouring you inside, silken wings brush upon your heart.
Though I am still, inside the cup of your hands, your rosé smile unfolds sunning wings. Hold me in your hands and keep the jar to remind. For within and upon your hands so delicately lands my soul to colour your heart.

Spring 2014Image