Repetition is best kept for the Solar System – 2


Walk as if you always know where the moon is . Refresh in your dream the phases, memory a few day ago , moon showed a curve a slice of earths horizon . Waiting , always in the city where concrete pavement is hotter, a footprint of lonely activity below the sky. Caught in visual thought , that blue orchid sky had a quarter moon , pale shell held in my eyes reminding like a cocoon suspended . Waiting for change . once in awhile another will ask me , but not today . Night brings the time of suns yesterdays , always round and crimson around this twilight glow , moon catches up but now she slows from her eternal path . Infinity is a dream playing in awareness like light taken away from the earths pull turning into evening . Now this moon sure looks full , earlier the sun was four fingers from the horizon setting as moon was just a palms height above the east horizon . No need for a booklet . She will let me feel her fullness when she comes up , as the sun goes down into this horizon . Memory of a blue sky lingers replaced by a milky sky ,stars can rest away the vastness , remains a planet or two like a jewel placed on the edge away from the crowd . Hungry sparrows and molting red birds vie in space for a saucer of seeds . Repetition is a circle best kept for the solar system . Talk as words spoken inside your mind . Hold a moon of this evenings balance. This gaze will always be a companion even when goddess is on the other side of earth .

8 – 19 – 2013




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