Another Earth Intwined

Beckon this reality, attract these natures where we truly are free.
Dream this reality where we open our eyes into glass, where we became as we are now.
Sing as a bird this landscape before our flight, string notes together a memory
here we alight upon this tree of life.
Your wings unfolding pulled forth a hollow body,
breathing notes which unlock keyed memory.
Where we dreamed ourselves into a parallel universe.
Another world where this moon colours our feathered bodies.
A place our peace tracks, where we stepped upon this beach washed salty ashore from seas. Bathe my wings with your flight,
awaken my memory with lyrics composed, from your heart whisper this song upon my face.
While my eyes sphere reflect emerald pools rippling, you set the stone into. Listen to this heart beats a mirrored tone, beside your voice which beckons a kindred soul.
Share a rhythm lifting wings, a flight taken through Darwin’s evolution.
Lift up a shell from our beach, hold this spiral hollow body against your ear,
inhale a salty breath, as you hear my ocean.
Your overtone wave cast me upon your shore.
Awoken once again, gliding ashore reflecting venus, a pearl goddess birthed.
Chrysalis shell moist upon this shore,
salty your body while you place me gently to your heart.
There we watch another moonset, ripples swirl scarlet foam ashore,
waves echolalia wave, after waves.
These lives entwined become another time finding ourselves beached.
Yet nature remains,
her song between pleas,
a reckoning within births.
While I stare into the salty crystalline pool in my palms
and awake with this moon washing ashore .

Summering Memory

These hands held a cylindrical glass
tipping a mirror of water to quench a thirst
while momentarily heard
the beckoning call of the Jaguar
a moment stilling trickling gaze upon the pool
stars spiraling oval through the glass
sending a warm shiver through this body
a summering memory –
amber constellations reflected upon another shore
River berm edge rippling a sandy wetness
a gentle rhythmic splashing only silky ears are comfortable
when another’s eyes distill coolness – sentient
monotone jet of night listens –
chorus of intimate purring bringing another beside –
an outline of a cheek curves silhouette to an eye shadow outlined –
that makes one take a breathe slowly
within trees scalloped canopy –
defining existence beside her higher with a lighter sky –
a summering memory under a wash of evening constellations – beckoning heart beats weave on this earthly plane –
just like a thought quenching a thirst .

Liquid like rain falling from the face of sky

Formed by the caldron of pewter clouds, changing from a wonder to a wish never spoken, though dreamed then remembered upon a lucid awakening . Falling from the face of sky, moist glint in the eye of memory’s myriad, feminine always this nature she colours falling from her window of soul.
These teardrops from the face of sky, find their pathway, parting a dried chrysalis with a saline memory,
a call before you were born unfolding to these warm crespucular rays touching through the cauldron of clouds.
Changing from a wish never spoken into a wonder deemed from a lucid dream. Liquid like rain falling from the face of sky.

10 – 30 – 13

We once were

Beauty full evening outside
always stars evening turning carousel slowly
like an illuminated dew suspended while spider plays a larger strand.
Always for a watching eye
always under a sky
always returning turning life outside beside an earthly soil warming.
Beauty once named these ways of stars,
where pyramids built to point the way to the heart of Isis.
Always venus dreams
always just as brightly speaking of the breast
of a gathering of points in the sky, so crimson beats this heart star .
Chasing the metal of evening sky.
For there in a glance we once were then
when pyramids became a destination to the star of Isis.

10 – 1 – 13

Last dance of Summer



Earth tilts the skirt of sky
very becoming rotation
set with planet jewels in motion upon this hem of horizon
Twilight waltz, spun senses behold a turning gait
she waxes a change, a future harvest moon
revealing swoon fills upon the breast of sky
your patient tide strolls, gliding touch to an emblazoned night
her skirt entices a memory aquamarine blushing rhythmically
At the center of sky daylight paints away
Moon becomes her own memory
sapphires wink gems of stars, as always, always you take her timeless
earth begins enfolding softly the skirt of sky, to a season of seed
Dance upon this evening sky
holding her vesper chant, her curves becoming full
her hint of Fall whispering
when moon remembers this tilting dance
of earths longing hold
released ever so slowly
from the long dance of summer



~ Selene ~


                         Lasting gliding full moon arching through oak limbs,                                                                               slowly entering earth horizon swelling round till longing night peaks.
                        Moon comes upon your horizon, nights long breath exhales day peeling apart this between.                        Your limbs a pale shimmer of creamy glowing light. Selene, your tracings coat the curves of your embrace, arching upward emersed with glowing sighs that melt places untouched by earth, beneath purrs of chatoyant moonlight.
                        Sweet blending taste swirl into your parted gaze, filling your silhouette.                                                     A breath expired lifts embrace filled within a halo of shimmering pulsing ripples,                                                    moments infinite ring this dance bathed. Become between,                                                                                      rhythmic untwined fingers shutter with the breeze which enters between, parting brushing the blush milky of you.
                       “Moonlight”  your breath pronounces, a murmur beckoning for more.                                                       As this moon settles lower, outlines a coal of night, white merging into earth,                                                                 your light awaiting fullness while inhaling the swirl of me.


Midsummer Night


Opaline evening, under an infinite sigh. Selene goddess spills her spell, flowing serene dusting of luminescence. when under her still heart, this body lifts, pulled by her wish, then surrenders beside her silence. Murmur silent, murmurs beckoning this midsummer nights dream.

A memory bleeds an invisible colour, a ribbon yards long, changing like chameleon scales a memory of hues. These fingers laced in another’s fingers, hands hold a slender pole clearly carved, stream of ribbon tied upon the tip held together. We are waving this vast stream ribboning night, creates a strumming, mellow like lips held together, a ripple of a deep whistle.

Then return under an infinite sigh of nocturnal moon, spills her spell, such a serene opaline lucent space between. it is the nocturnal hawk that weaves this night,a crespucular murmur strums unseen, inviting pouring full this spell. A colourful ribbon woven through moonlight.
For when under her glowing disk, this body pulled skyward. Moon goddess becoming, full murmur silent, murmur whispering this midsummer nights dream. For tomorrow will be longer in daylight waiting for evening, surrendering below an opaline moon.

6 – 21 – 2013.                                       image