Summering Memory

These hands held a cylindrical glass
tipping a mirror of water to quench a thirst
while momentarily heard
the beckoning call of the Jaguar
a moment stilling trickling gaze upon the pool
stars spiraling oval through the glass
sending a warm shiver through this body
a summering memory –
amber constellations reflected upon another shore
River berm edge rippling a sandy wetness
a gentle rhythmic splashing only silky ears are comfortable
when another’s eyes distill coolness – sentient
monotone jet of night listens –
chorus of intimate purring bringing another beside –
an outline of a cheek curves silhouette to an eye shadow outlined –
that makes one take a breathe slowly
within trees scalloped canopy –
defining existence beside her higher with a lighter sky –
a summering memory under a wash of evening constellations – beckoning heart beats weave on this earthly plane –
just like a thought quenching a thirst .


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