~ Remember Moon with Stars ~

Train horn deeply awakes this evening,
this mind theaters like a picture book,
inside pictures roll slowly reeling, turn like a toy kaleidoscope.
Bare tones root tendrils deep, while an evening is
rising to the audience of stars.
There is a creamy smoothness around.
along side my moon shadow stirs,
silently and kindred is love, this dark aroma of night.
I saw pictures curve from a bend of a page,
inside frozen for a second and captured forever,
there the jaguar caught pacing inside a cage.
Three pelicans remembered by the shore
waiting for a California rain.
It is this moonlight stillness waxing shadow,
Opening a pouch, seeing contents spill from fingertips, to earth thankful that each flake glistens,
We are touched by the light of the moon.
A breath of smoke drifts always upward,
like the mirror of a rock wiggling through the shallow water finding bottom.
Somewhere between a surface reflecting.
And now a memory of the train horn
stretching like this milky moonlight,
under a dome of stars.

~ Earthshine ~

Be inside me, be beside me, be my thought,
Be caught in my breath while I make time stand still.
As this evenings pure new moon , earthshine perfectly obsidian,
azure mood of our earthly shadow that becomes awoken within .
A moment glides like a river when you take the time in this stillness . Watch a new moon twilight like a river tranquil ,
that frozen illusion keeps time hidden
in the surface as the layer glides to a tide lulling breath a whisper felt .
Deep oh so deep that transparent sky shallows starless where the new moon resides .
Like the heart a tidal beckoning of a bird crying at night,
listens to the moving , the moving that bends the starry sky.
A disk floating across an quivering sapphire sky ,
like your body become the night surrounding my starry sky .
Casting a spell like an occult ritual unseen ,
like a river gliding stillness till a thought gasps
into a song of a bird unseen .
A sky shimmering into the sea of you .