~ Furrows in the Sky ~

Till the stars’ furrow encircle this mind.
Earthen nest of plaited starlight threading chosen constellations . Scrying skies pool bestirring an infinite subtle glow,
like caught ambers bug suspended in eternity .
Chatoyant stones shimmer upon this obsidian dome,
as embers entering with a piercing sound.
Fireflies blink an ode, their courtship of mystery glowing.
Here earth speechlessly circles a hidden sun.

Dawn breathes a brush of living into fading stars a lighter blue . Not for the earthen red orange unfolding sun rises ,
thoughts should quench hunger while circling around a sunstar
eddy of a pool going some round then nowhere .
Pole sticks, pierce inside earth a shallow hole,
aligned with a constant point our constellations circle.
Polaris tethers nite circling stars round a center
tilling fires turning drawing wheel of stones .
I woke up from a dream, like Beetle peeking through soil, malachite moist dewdrops of static globes glisten crystalline.
Scrying awake beside such mirroring beauty.
For a long dormant dream colours, becoming a beetles hypnotic gaze. Pheromone of stars evoke senses. Tasting drops of moisture beside a memory unfolds. Rolling pieces that plait earth becoming a ball.
Beetle flips upside down upon his emerald shell wings, fluttering scratch a rhythmic ode to the stars. While legs weave a sextet pattern , calling to divine nights Pleiades cluster .
Venus with Jupiter reflect. Beetle dreams blending a potion, a magick dance to the other side of earth rolling earth into a ball.

Memory of Sky

It’s dark outside ~
stars are woven in sky, so if we can still our minds just enough, our heart is heard.
Liquid like rain falling from the sky,
onto the trees sliding closer to rocky precipice grooved by memories.
Once shared twice till thrice cared,
while this heart of the sky replenishes her cauldron.
From lands far away and near,
like a lucid inhale in slow motion.
We see as streams in an transparent pallet colouring sky,
butterflies devour a secret place,
when a steady rain awakens the colour of earth.
Where their wings translucent glisten like raindrops shed,
quivering wings silken cupping the canopy ribboning,
which release an acorn like an emerald polished stone,
with no thought but rain sliding down a memory of sky.

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