Remains of the moon


Remains of this day, this evening an inner warmth, beside such crystalline shimmering stars . While breaths exhale bubbles of a thought taken by a chilly breeze. A whisper of a story added once again to be held withing earths being. Moon just comes milky seeding evening east glow. Mars, oh mars a dolphin to the ship of the moon, together sky the western side of night stream. Somewhere inside my memory of today I watched clouds holding the aqua blue sky hostage, a peaceful direction, a trickle – spilled milk frozen forever in my moments gaze.
Some times I hear a voice that sends me away to another reality. But later find my way back to the sky. Clean there are cleaning the sky this mind becomes painted a picture in the moment. Cleaning the sky thoughtless till now I try to recall what bound me like a spell.
The spelling of beauty. This dormant place we wander, a way trailing words together. treasured in a forgotten wooden box, tucked away, recall from mind into letters, there were butterflies talking, a pattern new wolf spider tracing what the clouds were doing, her glisten of silk a line closer.
But it became the evenings trunk of the giant oak, that leans upward to the stars. That whispered my mind, to how they hold the stars into earth.

Summering Memory

These hands held a cylindrical glass
tipping a mirror of water to quench a thirst
while momentarily heard
the beckoning call of the Jaguar
a moment stilling trickling gaze upon the pool
stars spiraling oval through the glass
sending a warm shiver through this body
a summering memory –
amber constellations reflected upon another shore
River berm edge rippling a sandy wetness
a gentle rhythmic splashing only silky ears are comfortable
when another’s eyes distill coolness – sentient
monotone jet of night listens –
chorus of intimate purring bringing another beside –
an outline of a cheek curves silhouette to an eye shadow outlined –
that makes one take a breathe slowly
within trees scalloped canopy –
defining existence beside her higher with a lighter sky –
a summering memory under a wash of evening constellations – beckoning heart beats weave on this earthly plane –
just like a thought quenching a thirst .