For not this night



                Withdrawn nested twilight evening. Moon leads her path away, leaving this night inking evening pure. Obsidian nights as a flower unfolds, a hand touches someone starring through. Petals so opaque caressing this complaint, darkened hum chorused.
                 Is this strum strum of a melodious hum of ancient songs learned from these stars. All in my head this night shrouds a purity of vastness. This sentient diagram, geometry of symbols distilled. For it is a capsule, a medicine taken. 
For these stars, drawn within this nest from a moonless night. My heart shines like an obsidian shard. This flower tills a gaze with distant suns. A finger untwines, expires becoming timeless.
                 For not these nights moonless, for not an echo passed into the drone so dark in a night like a heart beat of another ancient song.
                 For not this night’s delirious intoxication, would I not be wild .

4 – 23 – 14



Light is wordless

Light is like shadow
Night is like day
Moon glows on a dark star sky
Where the sun cast a shadow
Defining the curve of her body
Moon bathes light into this night
Light is like day , as night is the crescent moon filling

image       ~ Light is wordless ~


Light has a stillness, a quiet never listened to. Even behind its touch upon the trees quietly, concentric ripples of rings unseen, if only someone could read these pattern of shadows. Even then the quiet goes undisturbed. May be this stillness captures the ebb, a faraway memory of a season past fresh, a different hill top, a memory similar when light spoke with a golden glint. Upon finding under a majestic piñon droplets of fragrant amber sticky with a curious bug incased.
Light is this kind stillness, warm between when touched, wordless light rides layers carried on a breeze from a far away ocean salty, meeting with a warmer breeze may be from a canyon filled with date palms, blending a cool and warm taste across your cheek.
Light touches everything, wordless because light has always been here. Shadow likes light. Night can be light when moon glows under a darker starry sky. Wordless, no time but the playfulness of light and shadow has a stillness seldom listened to.

2 – 18 – 14

Turning slowly a way

Turning slowly a way

There is this stillness before all the stars come out.
looking up high to a lapis sky at twilight,
justly a couple of shining planets that reflect the hidden sun .

This wash of sapphire across the vault of another silent evening . Caught tween memory waiting for a starry sky,
vibrating another darkness deeply .
Here stillness whispers as each star awakens from the veil of light.
It is this vespertine between, an anxious sigh of what remains slipping a long hold of day.
There was a halo round the sun.
But this is the night coming awake as the light blue becomes beauty.
a blackness of wonder flowering shards changing a timeless ceiling.
This evening will hold no moon.
Just stars and planets sending light from the hidden sun.
Here I listen to these stars.
find a thought tucked away evaporate to these awakening stars .


Repetition is best kept for the Solar System – 2


Walk as if you always know where the moon is . Refresh in your dream the phases, memory a few day ago , moon showed a curve a slice of earths horizon . Waiting , always in the city where concrete pavement is hotter, a footprint of lonely activity below the sky. Caught in visual thought , that blue orchid sky had a quarter moon , pale shell held in my eyes reminding like a cocoon suspended . Waiting for change . once in awhile another will ask me , but not today . Night brings the time of suns yesterdays , always round and crimson around this twilight glow , moon catches up but now she slows from her eternal path . Infinity is a dream playing in awareness like light taken away from the earths pull turning into evening . Now this moon sure looks full , earlier the sun was four fingers from the horizon setting as moon was just a palms height above the east horizon . No need for a booklet . She will let me feel her fullness when she comes up , as the sun goes down into this horizon . Memory of a blue sky lingers replaced by a milky sky ,stars can rest away the vastness , remains a planet or two like a jewel placed on the edge away from the crowd . Hungry sparrows and molting red birds vie in space for a saucer of seeds . Repetition is a circle best kept for the solar system . Talk as words spoken inside your mind . Hold a moon of this evenings balance. This gaze will always be a companion even when goddess is on the other side of earth .

8 – 19 – 2013