~ Selene ~


                         Lasting gliding full moon arching through oak limbs,                                                                               slowly entering earth horizon swelling round till longing night peaks.
                        Moon comes upon your horizon, nights long breath exhales day peeling apart this between.                        Your limbs a pale shimmer of creamy glowing light. Selene, your tracings coat the curves of your embrace, arching upward emersed with glowing sighs that melt places untouched by earth, beneath purrs of chatoyant moonlight.
                        Sweet blending taste swirl into your parted gaze, filling your silhouette.                                                     A breath expired lifts embrace filled within a halo of shimmering pulsing ripples,                                                    moments infinite ring this dance bathed. Become between,                                                                                      rhythmic untwined fingers shutter with the breeze which enters between, parting brushing the blush milky of you.
                       “Moonlight”  your breath pronounces, a murmur beckoning for more.                                                       As this moon settles lower, outlines a coal of night, white merging into earth,                                                                 your light awaiting fullness while inhaling the swirl of me.


Cage of a Moonless night


           Only period of a day on earth which frees a soul,
 stimulated under a moonless purple sky.
           From all corners of being or should I say the curves of a face,
 the vesper of a cooler breeze letting you know you’re inhabiting a body.
          Although always the eyes,
 a crease furrows down the face keeping a pulse.
          It is so quiet, a nonhuman stillness,
 one that unlocks the prison of a scorching day.
          Even is even as day flatlines to an evening which frees a soul.
 It is upon your eyes, within this sepal opening voiceless,
 here tiny motes of light dance.
          Always the eyes, always the earth,                                                                                                                        always are we caught in these cycles,                                                                                                                        beholding the sky of stars under a moonless evening.                                                                                                             Wish making in the falling stars in your eyes.

8 – 16 – 14 


For not this night



                Withdrawn nested twilight evening. Moon leads her path away, leaving this night inking evening pure. Obsidian nights as a flower unfolds, a hand touches someone starring through. Petals so opaque caressing this complaint, darkened hum chorused.
                 Is this strum strum of a melodious hum of ancient songs learned from these stars. All in my head this night shrouds a purity of vastness. This sentient diagram, geometry of symbols distilled. For it is a capsule, a medicine taken. 
For these stars, drawn within this nest from a moonless night. My heart shines like an obsidian shard. This flower tills a gaze with distant suns. A finger untwines, expires becoming timeless.
                 For not these nights moonless, for not an echo passed into the drone so dark in a night like a heart beat of another ancient song.
                 For not this night’s delirious intoxication, would I not be wild .

4 – 23 – 14