Quench ~

             I like the sound that quenching sings. where sound touches in a wordless world, quenching a soul breathless.  I like that soundless tactile of drying sand shifting through fingers, while a sun sets quenches the sightless horizon.     Like the way a wave quenches the grains of a dry beach yet again.

            Quenched sands glimmer a hand of stars between fingers pause. Quenching slow rains strobe a way,         where memory was found misplaced, once upon a sleeping city listens to the oceans subtle roar. And the pearl of a midnight sky pulses from lightning, a stillness beneath.

            Yet between, binds earth, the chorus of aural creatures, filling quiet undulation,

            quivers a nests beneath this pearl in a midnight sky.

          11 – 21 – 13


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Under the Stars


If you want to lose your journey of the day
those moments adrift, shed under the stars
There high up a red star pulls you back
surrounded by countless shimmering constellations
When you lose your mind
given away to the night sky
this tidal sky ocean takes a breath then another
Crescent moon will find horizon slowly decorating infinity
if you need to lose your journey of the day
Listen this pitch dark beckons
lose your mind within the umber song of frogs
Unbuttoning the day of dissipated human drone
lose your mind within the umber song of frogs
Take this cool night of stars
undress and slip into this pool of night
Into the frogs abandoned chorus
these moments adrift in the sea of night
Mine the mind and jewels you will find
here you lose your heart
Into this rhythmical pitch of night
Under the stars, lose your mind

6 – 3 – 14