Traveled before


Some thought, many wonder of the wonders, here the touched remember, when awoken.
Be it a leaf that turns golden this autumn filled day by the flowering of a wet spring warmth.
Be it the Sun dogs caught upon a blue sky shielded within a mutable cloud.
Here is a memory that sleeps, a closing of eyelids in the daydream. Brought into a thought, a remembrance, gifts left upon the path of light. Food upon the ground for another, follow the trail taken, is just a way to find your way back. The daydream brought into this life we dreamed. For we close our eyes to rest our minds, then let go into being present.
Many think, most wander to become this dream of earth.
It is the nighttime that winters stars shine brightest.
Here you can remember kindred souls, whom layer a trail of stones in the sky.
For when my eyes close into this daydream, I release a breath cooled with winters stirring wind.
It is a sentient wind that touches.
Through this golden day of turning leaves, which will surrender becoming earth.
My eyes close to this day dreamed, here my heart beats with each kindred friend whom strikes a harmonious cord, then I come back into my body, open my eyes to this earth and swallow autumn like golden leaves falling upon earth .