Light is wordless

Light is like shadow
Night is like day
Moon glows on a dark star sky
Where the sun cast a shadow
Defining the curve of her body
Moon bathes light into this night
Light is like day , as night is the crescent moon filling

image       ~ Light is wordless ~


Light has a stillness, a quiet never listened to. Even behind its touch upon the trees quietly, concentric ripples of rings unseen, if only someone could read these pattern of shadows. Even then the quiet goes undisturbed. May be this stillness captures the ebb, a faraway memory of a season past fresh, a different hill top, a memory similar when light spoke with a golden glint. Upon finding under a majestic piñon droplets of fragrant amber sticky with a curious bug incased.
Light is this kind stillness, warm between when touched, wordless light rides layers carried on a breeze from a far away ocean salty, meeting with a warmer breeze may be from a canyon filled with date palms, blending a cool and warm taste across your cheek.
Light touches everything, wordless because light has always been here. Shadow likes light. Night can be light when moon glows under a darker starry sky. Wordless, no time but the playfulness of light and shadow has a stillness seldom listened to.

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Under the Stars


If you want to lose your journey of the day
those moments adrift, shed under the stars
There high up a red star pulls you back
surrounded by countless shimmering constellations
When you lose your mind
given away to the night sky
this tidal sky ocean takes a breath then another
Crescent moon will find horizon slowly decorating infinity
if you need to lose your journey of the day
Listen this pitch dark beckons
lose your mind within the umber song of frogs
Unbuttoning the day of dissipated human drone
lose your mind within the umber song of frogs
Take this cool night of stars
undress and slip into this pool of night
Into the frogs abandoned chorus
these moments adrift in the sea of night
Mine the mind and jewels you will find
here you lose your heart
Into this rhythmical pitch of night
Under the stars, lose your mind

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